Thursday, 13 March 2008

Project Group Meeting at Ardleigh Green Junior 12.03.08

A very positive meeting was held at Ardleigh Green Junior School to share outcomes of the project so far. Parkhill Junior School joined the meeting over VC direct from their school, rather than travelling to Hornchurch - a great idea, that worked!

Clockhouse Primary (LBH) and Chadwell Primary (LBR) have had great success in Year One sharing information about their classes and school and in Year Four linking for joint topic work.

A Park Ranger visited Clockhouse Primary and Chadwell Primary were able to find out about their role. A great use of the technology to share a human resource between two sites.

Ardleigh Green Junior (LBH) and Parklands Junior (LBR) have enjoyed linking-up and sharing outcomes.

Gearies Infants (LBR) and Engayne Primary (LBH) have made a number of successful connections over VC to share similarities and differences between the schools as part of the Knowing Me, Knowing You Activities.

Where to next?

1. The schools discussed joint projects on which they would like to work collaboratively and it was agreed to keep the existing school partnerships to develop these further.

2. It was decided that all schools should try linking with an external provider - a list of this will be provided in a separate posting on this blog.

3. Please can all schools who have not already done so sign-up to the JANET VC booking system to allow links to schools/providers outside of the London Grid for Learning as well as to allow a 'multicast' linking more than 2 venues at a time.

4. It was agreed to hold the next meeting of the Project VC group over VC - to reduce travelling,

Gill from Chadwell Primary listed the following benefits of VC from her experience of using it so far...

"It develops a pride in the school, as pupils want to show their school in its best light over VC."

"It is great for joint topic work, as pupils can link across schools to share knowledge and ideas to achieve a joint outcome."

"It raises pupils' expectations as they want to work to create higher quality work."

Parkhill and Ardleigh Green

This was a good opportunity for Ardleigh Green and Parkhill to get together and talk about joint projects that they could collaborate on. There were some good ideas flowing between schools and these included:

Both schools allowing each other to share in their Romans Day, this will mean that children will have a chance to see how the other school celebrates Roman culture. Children each school will be dressed in Roman costume and will share some of their work. Apparently Parkhill have some excellent Boudicas.

In June Parkhill are hosting a circus skills session, so Ardeligh Green will be able to learn all about how Parkhill children learned to juggle (and tame lions).

Similarly, in April Ardeliegh Green are hosting a musical entertainer. This regular visitor to the school is a banjo playing singer will be sharing some of his songs to both schools, and providing another good context for speaking and listening as children interview him over VC.

Future ideas

Ideas for the future use of VC included:

- to link a group of gifted and talented pupils from all schools into a debate using the JANET VC network - with the pupils controlling the VC kit under adult supervision (to develop pupil autonomy)
- to use VC for cross-school continuing professional development
- to teach music over VC - recorders would be ideal for this
- to develop language teaching over VC

Other news...
It was also announced that the North Romford School Improvement Consortium have the following 12 schools coming on board with VC kit.

Clockhouse Primary
Crownfield Infant
Crownfield Junior
The Mawney School
Parklands Infant
Parklands Junior
Pinewood Primary
Rise Park Infant
Rise Park Junior
St Patrick’s RC Primary

Marshalls Park
Bower Park

As well as this Branfil Junior (Upminster) and Hacton Primary (Hornchurch) are to have VC kit installed to enable them to participate in a VC project linking with Engayne Primary and Gaynes School (both Upminster) to develop pupils' Modern Foreign Languages skills...

Thanks for your continued input and efforts to make VC a success across Redbridge and Havering.

Dave Smith - Havering ICT Consultant Anthony Evans - Redbridge ICT Consultant

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