Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Gearies Infant's ICT: video conferencing

Gearies Infant's ICT: video conferencing
Gearies and Engagyne have made contact - read all about it by clicking on the link above- well done Val and the Teachers @ Engayne.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Space Centre Link Up

Note this post is also on the Subject Leaders Blog

During our Subject Leaders Event we hooked up with the National Space Centre in Leicester to chat with Charlotte. We were told about a new E Mission for Key Stage 2 , which is open to Redbridge schools.

We aim to offer these to 6 schools over week beginning the 30th of June. If you are interested in taking part and hosting an E Mission, then you will need to attend a prior training session at the Teachers Centre with myself and Mina Patel on the 12th of June. Once you have applied to take part in the E Mission and this has been accepted, you will need to register for the course by booking on Redbridge PDC

If you have never seen an E Mission before, then you can look at how Parkhill Juniors got on with their Operation Montserrat mission earlier this year. You may remember that Rob from Redbridge was really enthused by the E mission at his school too, and took some time to tell us about it @ our last Subject Leaders event.

The Emission event will take place around 10am or 1pm on the week beginning the 30th of June 2008. If you were at the Subject leaders event, then you should have been sent a google form to express interest, if not then you can access the form here, or email Anthony Evans @ the usual address.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Video Conferencing Out On A Lim

Find our Network referenced here!

Getting To Most From Your Videoconferencing Kit




This will be the fifth of a regular series of training sessions. For purely practical reasons we impose a limit of six endpoints per session. The first two sessions were fully booked as soon as they were publicised, so:

The session begins with a short multipoint discussion about good practice, resolving difficulties and finding or creating opportunities to use this valuable resource. This is followed by time to try out the LVCNet direct school-to-school dialling. We finish with a second group discussion that includes Q+A and news of forthcoming events via vc.

Whilst we limit the group to six endpoints, there is no limit to the number of staff who can take part at your school.

Contact ROGER BLOXHAM for further details:
07967 347735
0207 598 4838

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Read Around The Planet 2008

Read Around the Planet - March 2008
Looking for an American school as a videoconference partner? Read around the Planet can match you with a US school, initially for a reading based activity in March 2008 but with the potential for a long term partnership to be formed.

See the link below…

TWICE invites you to participate in a celebration of reading using video conference technology!

TWICE provides a matching service for point-to-point videoconferences between schools. Teacher matching is done based on your registration information. Participating schools are responsible for making the connections work successfully.