Thursday, 24 January 2008

Video Conferencing from the Content Provider Perspective

JANET Collaborate Prototype and Pilot

The JANET Collaborate Prototype and Pilot - would you like to sign-up?

JANET Collaborate is a 'one-stop-shop' for teachers and lecturers looking for opportunities to work collaboratively, especially using videoconferencing.
The website is free to join and use. Members can search through the catalogue of Opportunities to collaborate:
  • with museums, galleries, archives and other content providers

  • with other teachers in schools in the UK and further afield

The site is arranged in three main sections: Find, Share and Organise.

Who is it for?
The JANET Collaborate prototype is available to all teachers, lecturers and support staff in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Research institutions. It is also available to educational content providers including museums.

How can it help me to videoconference?
With links through to the JANET Videoconferencing Service, an Opportunity in JANET Collaborate can simply and quickly be converted into a JVCS Booking and activate a live videoconference. The JANET Collaborate prototype is free to use.

Why is JANET Collaborate a prototype?
The JANET Collaborate prototype is designed to be a platform for discussion and to be the focus for the JANET Collaborate Pilot Project. The lessons learnt from the pilot will enable the development of a full production version of this service.

Crownfield Infants connect with Beijing for Breakfast!

At Breakfast Time on Thursday 24th January 2008* pupils at Crownfield Infant School in Collier Row, Havering linked-up over the ClickToMeet video-conferencing network with a school in Beijing, China to talk about their schools and respective countries. Helped by Headteacher Sharon Nacmias, pupils enjoyed talking about London and China, comparing similarities and differences. This helped enhance the pupils’ speaking and listening skills, as well as having excellent links to Geography and Modern languages, with pupils learning a few phrases in Chinese too. It was an excellent session. One pupil commented, “This is really good, I am learning lots about China.” Another pupil said, “This is great, so much fun.”

To get started with Click To Meet visit the website below - or contact your HIAS/Redbridge ICT Consultant.

*Due to the time difference between England and China.