Monday, 17 December 2007

Operation Montserrat

This just in from Parkhill, an account of their day using the Operation Montserrat resource. Well done to the children who made this film.

On Wednesday 21st November the children in class 6B took part in a live simulation link via video conference with the National Space Centre. The children were split into specialist emergency response teams and prior to the live video conference, spent time researching the Island of Montserrat and practising how to carry out their tasks for the mission.

Find out more by visiting the Parkhill Portal here

Sunday, 25 November 2007

It has started (again)

Well things are now getting off the ground! Well doen to all involved. Val @ Gearies has spoken to Engayne Primary and Alison @ Parkhill Junior has spoken with Ardeliegh Green.

Today I got an excited email from Alison @ Parkhill, telling me that their project had got underway.

Hi Anthony

Just a quick upate.

Tonight we spoke for the first time via VC to Ardleigh.

Natalie Dancygier (our Year 4 teacher) is going to work with Lynne Teasell at Ardliegh and they are going to email each other to make arrangements to VC before Christmas so that their classes can introduce themselves.

A possible subject for the VC is going to be History. The Vikings for Ardleigh and the Romans for Parkhill. Natalie and Lynn are going to sort this one out.

Meanwhile the "Bedtime Stories" project with Gearies is going very well and here is a link to our LGfL page to read more.



If any of you have anything to share form your expediences in VC last week, please let me know, or better still post it on this blog.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Redbridge - Uganda Video Conference

Annette Carlon, (our secondary consultant) has been involved in ana exciting link with schools in Uganda. Last week she and Oaks Park had their first V C meet. More of this will be published on the LGFL and Oaks Park portal in the future, but in the meantime, here are her thoughts and some images that the uganda school forwarded.

Thank you for sharing this with us Annette

On Thursday 1 November 07 Oaks Park hooked up with Kabalega secondary school in Masindi, Uganda to learn about a typical school day with all the associated similarities and differences! Despite a few technical hitches it was a great teaching and learning experience. After the VC I did an input to put it into context and showed the pupils some images from my visit last year - sparked lots of good discussions. Compliments to the year 8/9 pupils for their excellent preparation, delivery and behaviour and also their sensitivity towards issues raised during our post VC discussion.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Havering and Redbridge Video Conferencing Network

Havering and Redbridge have combined to explore ways in which video-conferencing can be used to support teaching and learning.

Havering Schools involved: Ardleigh Green Junior School, Clockhouse Primary School and Engayne Primary School
Redbridge Schools involved: Chadwell Primary, Gearies Infants and Parkhill Junior

In the Autumn Term the schools are focussing on ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ exploring the similarities and differences between the lives of the pupils in both schools.

Also, the schools are looking to share ideas for cross-school activities, for example shared School Council projects, joint staff training events etc. The potential is infinite!

Click on the link below to view the PowerPoint from the session: