Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Possible Science Week link-up with Parkhill Junior...

Dear All

As mentioned at the VC meeting last week, we were going to try and set up a connection to our Science week activities.

But all the great ideas won't always work! The proposed sharing of our Science week "Big Bug Show" just won't be logistically possible. We have been in our hall with the VC equipment and find that there is no way we can successfully show a whole year group doing the activities, it would be chaos!

However, we have this idea instead; we will be filming the day, taking photos etc. We would therefore like to offer a VC, with anyone who is interested, where we will get the children to present their experiences of the day. We feel this would be a more organised activity.
If anyone is interested please email back and we will set dates for some time after Easter.

Best wishes

Alison Seagrave
Parkhill Junior School

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